Are you using QR codes and assuming they are safe? Think again

13th September 2022

“Electric Vehicle charging stations with QR codes for payment by smartphone. …there is a risk of fraud by pasting over the code.”

The German Payment Systems Initiative (IDZ) has commissioned a case study on e-charging stations in Europe. Amongst other things, it found that 32 charging providers used QR codes as a payment mechanism – “there is a risk of fraud simply by pasting over the QR code.”

As part of the study, 30,000 public charging stations in twelve European countries, including Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Austria, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic and Greece, were examined. A total of 61 charging station operators were examined, including stations in both urban and rural areas.


Countermark provides QR code functionality with a secure printable data mark with full auditing on reads and printing, and inbuilt fraud detection algorithms.

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