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Mobile App Downloads

Using The Countermark Phone App

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Direct Countermark App Installation

Google Play Store is currently unavailable in some regions. The Android version of the Countermark App can be directly downloaded as an APK and installed using the link below.

The Countermark App will advise when a new version is required, but will not be able to automatically update itself when installed manually. A new APK will need to be downloaded and re-installed.

Version : 1.090.001

Size : 33852165 bytes

Date : 21 September 2022 10:01:05

Md5 : c98076aaa47e47607f22bf585bc2bb2c

  • Download the Countermark APK file into your Downloads folder
  • Navigate to the folder and locate the Countermark APK file
  • Tap the file to start the installation process
  • Choose Yes when installation permission is asked

Earlier versions of Android may require additional settings to permit installation from alternate sources.