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Secure Your Certificates

Create with familiar tools

Create certificates using Microsoft Word

Use the Countermark Microsoft Word Add-In to create Countermark protected certificates. Produce the certificate as normal using Microsoft Word, then use the simple 4-step process to protect it with Countermark:

1. Generate Countermark creates a Countermark and attaches it to your cursor so you can place it directly into the certificate.

2. Create a PDF of your certificate then Choose PDF and browse to the PDF you just created.

3. Enter Reference, usually the certificate number, but could also be the organisation name or other data.

4. Click Assign Countermark, the PDF of the Certificate is encrypted and stored in the Microsoft Cloud.

The Countermark protects the certificate, and means that secure certificates can be produced even when teams are working from home.

The Word Add-In requires Office 2016 or later (Office 2019 or Office 365).

Check anywhere

Anyone can quickly check certificates using the Countermark App

Certificates can easily be checked by scanning the Countermark code with the free Countermark app. The Countermark app will show the status of the certificate, including whether it has expired or is cancelled or revoked. The reference, such as the certificate number, is also displayed.

The original PDF created using the Microsoft Word add-in is emailed to the person scanning the Countermark, so they can verify that the certificate they are checking has not been altered and is still valid.

Countermark uses a graphical image, so can be used to verify paper or PDF versions of the certificates, as well as photocopies, scanned and emailed versions of the certificate.

The Countermark app is available on Android and iPhone.

Change the certificate status

Active certificate management - activate, revoke, suspend and cancel online

Countermark allows the Certificate Issuer to change the state of a Certificate using the Issuer portal on the Countermark website.

The new status is displayed on the Countermark App next time the certificate is checked.

Usage Insight

Analytics - find out who has read the certificate

When a certificate is scanned, the scan details are available to the certificate Issuer. Details include email, date/time and location.