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Track, Trace & Authenticate

Industrial Components

How Countermark gives customers the security that they are receiving genuine components

Make sure customers are getting your authentic, safe components. Counterfeit products are unlikely to have met the stringent checks that a genuine product goes through and are often sub-standard or worse, dangerous.

Countermark is an easy solution designed to reduce the risks of using fake components. It can be used to control your supply chain and help customers trace their item back to you, giving them the confidence that they have received a genuine component.

Countermark can act as a digital signature, uniquely identifying each individual product that you ship. Countermarks can be applied with Laser Markers or with Continuous Ink Jet Printers (the same type of printers widely used for “best before” data). In the event of a product failure, the unique Countermark can be used to demonstrate the provenance (real or counterfeit) of a suspect part.

Appliance Spares

Reduce the risk of Counterfeits and engage with your customers

Help fitters to avoid fake spares. Unfortunately, there is a huge market for counterfeit spare parts. Using Countermark technology, you can give fitters the security of knowing that they have obtained certified genuine parts, helping protect your reputation and revenue from fake spares.

Countermark can also be used as a customer engagement tool. The fitter scanning the Countermark as part of his repair can extend repaired product warranty and help identify the end customer with the repaired item.

Use the information about the end user to engage and give them a great service, working in a similar way to a product warranty. Knowing when a part has been fitted allows you to approach the end user at the right time for a replacement product or for maintenance.

Using Countermark technology to ensure a document or product is genuine, you can help to avoid the very real risks associated with counterfeit products or unskilled staff.

Easily created from your desk, a Countermark can be attached to physical or digital items, even remaining readable when damaged. Ultimately, it is a unique digital fingerprint that can be traced back to your organisation, giving security that a genuine component has been supplied.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about Countermark technology and how it can benefit your organisation.

Food Safety

How Countermark tracks food products from farm to store

Food supply chains comprise many different organisations with different IT systems and capabilities, in an industry sector known for low margins.

Countermark allows different organisations to implement a common food traceability system using labelled tags, mobile devices and web browsers.

Scenario 1)

A supermarket is buying organic farm produce from a large number of small suppliers in the UK and overseas. The supermarket sends the Countermarked seals to each supplier and the supplier uploads the consignment data to the Countermark server when packing the produce, with any lab test results or local certification information. This data is associated with the Countermark on the tag. Scanning the Countermarked seal during packing allows confirmation of the origin of the food and the time in transit.

When the produce is received by the local supermarket, the Countermarks on the distribution packaging can be scanned again instore. In the case of a recall, due to a particular supplier, the supermarket can action only containers with Countermarks scanned at the problematic food source needing to be removed from shelves.

Scenario 2)

A supermarket requires many different supplier’s lab test records to be held for several years. The supermarket includes a Countermark on their purchase order and the supplier uploads the lab test records using the Countermark provided. The Countermark system acts as an electronic filing cabinet for the data, removing the delays of trying to obtain paper records and allows the supermarket to fully audit test data.