Countermark For Documents

See how Countermark For Documents uses our app to validate a Countermark printed on a document.

Countermark For Products

Watch an inkjet printer printing Countermarks on to sample products on production line and how the phone app is used to validate the items.

Tutorial 1: Creating a simple Countermark

How to create your first Countermark.

Tutorial 2: Creating a geo-locked Countermark

Create a pre-defined area-locked Countermark.

Tutorial 3: Create Countermark for screen or page

Optimise the quality of your Countermark for a screen or page.

Tutorial 4: Create a Countermark linked to an image

Assign an image to a Countermark

Tutorial 5: Countermark aspect ratio

Choose between an aspect ratio designed for documents and an aspect ratio designed for products.

Tutorial 6: Setting the top left text in a Countermark

See how to set the first top left characters of your Countermark.

Tutorial 7: Using a Countermark in a word document

How to paste your Countermark into a word document.

Tutorial 8: How to use a Countermark log

How to View your previously created Countermark and see how many people have read it.

Install the App on an Android phone

See how to install the Countermark application on an Android device.