For 20 years a fake psychiatrist fooled the NHS

20th March 2023

Zholia Alemi’s fake degree certificate from the University of Auckland allowed her to work for NHS trusts and private providers in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  The woman who pretended to be a qualified psychiatrist to work illegally for more than 20 years has been jailed for fraud.  Alemi was caught only after trying to fake an OAP’s will to steal £1.3million. She got five years’ jail time last month.


Most organisations really need to be certain that the document that comes with a CV, or with a consignment of goods is genuine, hasn’t been tweaked, embellished and is in fact true.  Any kind of document can be edited these days – and people don’t need special skills to do it. Today, most companies and people won’t even see the original, it will be a scan or a photograph taken on a mobile phone attached to an email.


Countermark protects documents by storing the original document in the Microsoft Cloud, hashed using Ethereum blockchain and keeps it there so when you need to be certain, you can use the Countermark app to download the original, and compare it with the document presented to you.


The black and white dots that make up a countermark allow the app to work when checking documents on a computer screen or paper, maintaining document security in ways not possible with holograms secure ink or watermarks.


Not everybody lies and cheats, but most organisations rely on every document they receive to be honest.  Countermark keeps documents truthful.







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