How do you know if someone has been checking the secure document you created?

23rd June 2023

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ChatGPT and Me : – how do you know if someone has been checking the secure document you created?

Me:- Use the Countermark Logs Page to search for a single Countermark, or a group of Countermarks. You can see when it was checked, and according to GDPR settings, where it was scanned and by whom. You can even see the scan that was taken by the phone.


ChatGPT:- To determine if someone has accessed or checked a security document you have made, you typically need to implement some form of tracking or auditing system. Here are a few methods commonly used to monitor document access:

– Document Tracking Software: Use specialized software that allows you to track document access and monitor activities related to the document. Such software often provides features like user authentication, access logs, and notifications when the document is opened or modified.

– Watermarking: Embed a unique identifier or watermark in the document, which can help identify if it has been accessed or shared. Watermarks can be visible or invisible, and they may contain information such as the user’s name or timestamp.

– Restricted Access Controls: Implement strict access controls for the document, such as password protection or encryption. This way, only authorized individuals with the correct credentials can access the document, making it easier to track who has accessed it.

– Document Management Systems: Utilize a document management system that offers access controls, version control, and auditing capabilities. These systems can track user activities, provide revision history, and generate reports on document access.

– Digital Rights Management (DRM): Employ DRM technology that allows you to control and monitor document usage. DRM solutions enable you to set permissions, track document access, and even revoke access remotely.

Remember, it’s crucial to inform users that the document is being tracked or monitored to ensure compliance with privacy and data protection regulations. Transparency and clear communication about monitoring practices are essential for maintaining trust and legal compliance.


Countermark – How to use Countermark Log Page video: