It’s nearly christmas and every parent’s nightmare…

24th November 2022

It’s nearly Christmas and every parent’s nightmare….

The pandemic is over, we have gone from homemade cloth masks to medical grade masks if we still need them, and we all know to look for the reassuring ‘CE’ logo.

Not only masks, but toys, medical devices, car parts, safety shoes and so many other products – Even the UK government has dropped the requirement for its “drive on the left” UKCA certification mark for a couple of years.

Keep people happy, keep people safe.

The CE mark on the left in the picture means that the importer / manufacturer has checked that the product has met the EU standards for safety and durability, has got the technical data to back it up.

The CE logo on the right in the picture means “China Export”, or made in China.

So, as you get your stuff from Amazon, or the high street, even presents from distant relatives, look closely at the CE mark, and do your best to see if the item you are about to give, or have just received is CE marked to show it is safe to use, or CE marked to designate it as Made in China.



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How to distinguish CE Marking symbol vs China Export symbol?