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Wanna buy Graceland?

22nd May 2024

Wanna buy Graceland? Allegedly fake documents are at the centre of a lawsuit concerning America’s second most well known address. Since the signing of the Magna Carta in 1215 western society has relied on documents to underpin everything from laws, to property ownership to family relationships. Even whether an aircraft spare is genuine or fake, […]

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U.S. Energy Giant Falls Victim to Unprecedented QR Code Phishing Attack

19th April 2024

U.S. Energy Giant Falls Victim to Unprecedented QR Code Phishing Attack QR codes are free and easy to read and have now been used in an email Phishing attack on a US energy giant. The attack is based on the fact that corporate and private email protection systems normally permit jpg, and pdf files in […]

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“… As sure as eggs is eggs”

12th April 2024

  “… As sure as eggs is eggs” (found in a dictionary of slang published in 1699) We made Countermark the way it is because we knew that manufacturers, food producers and packaging lines already know all about using Continuous Ink Jet Print (CIJP) – the two rows of distinctive dot-based characters – sometimes with […]

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1st Law of data security

22nd January 2024

  1st Law of data security: ‘We can design a system that’s proof against accident or stupidity; but we can’t design one that’s proof against deliberate malice…’ Arthur C Clark’s (ACC’s) Law appears in Chapter 28 of his 1968 book, 2001: A Space Odyssey, after we discover that the spaceships AI system, HAL, resolves conflicting […]

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