QR codes easily shared to dodge fares in Holland

13th February 2023

QR codes easily shared to dodge fares in Holland, leaving rail staff threatened and intimidated.

The QR codes are used on day tickets on Nederlandse Spoorwegen (Netherlands national railway company). The QR codes are being copied and shared, with staff being left to enforce the flawed QR system according to the Federation of Dutch Trade Unions (FNV).

QR codes were developed in 1993 to show car part numbers, they can be printed by anybody, and are known to be linked to different types of fraud – they have no inherent encryption or security.

The Countermark system was designed from the outset to combat different types of fraud. The comprehensive backend data capabilities include a scan history log, code usage, location and other data. This capability means unlawful sharing of tickets is easy to detect without having to develop a complex bespoke data system.




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