The risks of using QR codes with smart cameras

23rd November 2022

“…the risks of using QR codes, and today people have only begun to understand the risks of smart cameras.”

The pandemic taught people how to use QR codes, now the bad guys are catching up.

Interesting article from Enterprise Security Mag talks about what the data threatscape will look like in 2023.

The problem with QR codes is that the smart phone will take you straight to the webpage, a malicious QR code will take you straight to the malicious webpage.

A bad link in an email with give you the chance to look at a link before you click it. QR deprives users of even this imperfect check.

Countermark is an easy to print encrypted data carrier, we keep people safe by strictly controlling who can create and print Countermarks.

Each Countermark is read with the Countermark App, which sends the Countermark image to our servers for verification, decryption and checking before data is sent to people’s phones.



Here is the link to the article.