Why Hacked QR Codes are Dangerous

6th February 2023

Why Hacked QR Codes are Dangerous

The real problem with QR code hackers is how versatile and useful a QR code can be. A legitimate or hacked QR code can do more than open a web link. These code squares have the potential to achieve a wide variety of both useful and dangerous actions on your phone.

* Follow website links
* Direct-download apps from your app store
* Call phone numbers
* Add contacts to your phone
* Convey up to 4K words
* Authenticate an online account
* Verify login details
* Access a wifi network
* Send and receive payments
* Compose emails

Hacking can be done with a printer, paper and some glue, to stick the malicious QR code over the original QR code.

We developed Countermark to link paper and objects to data and a phone in a safe, secure way, without exposing people (your customers) to unnecessary risk.

Countermark is an easy to print encrypted data carrier, we keep people safe by strictly controlling who can create and print and read Countermarks.

Each Countermark is read with the Countermark App, which sends the Countermark image to our servers for verification, decryption and checking before data is sent to people’s phones.




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